The Creepiest Ghost Towns Across New Zealand


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Rotowaro was once a small coal mining township approximately 10 km west of Huntly in the Waikato region

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Waiuta is the location of a historic mining town on the West Coast of the South Island of New Zealand. It is now abandoned and considered one of New Zealand's most popular ghost towns and a great tourist attraction.


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Kelso is an abandoned settlement in Otago. Today, little remains except a stone memorial and faded wording referring to the township on several remaining buildings.

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Port Ross, Auckland Island. Due to the inhospitable climate, the settlement was abandoned within three years. A cemetery remains, later used to bury victims of shipwrecks.


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Charleston is a village in the South Island, located 30 km south of Westport.

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Denniston is a small settlement on the West Coast of the South Island


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Port Pegasus in the Stewart Island, was once a small fishing community.


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Lyell is the site of a historic gold mining town in the Buller Gorge in the South Island

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Macetown is an historic gold mining settlement in the Otago region, which is uninhabited.

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Orepuki is a small country township in Southland, with an assortment of abandoned stores and goldmining relics.

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Port Craig is located along the south coast, of the South Island. All that is left of the town is considerable relics including the gantry base, a large English built wince (built in Hull) that operated on the wharf and thousands of bricks.

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