Get To Know Your 'Double Shot At Love' Cast Mates


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Alli Adams: 28, Nashville, TN - Alli loves to flirt, drink whiskey and tell it how it is. She also bears an uncanny resemblance to Pauly's ex Aubrey O'Day.

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Alysse Joyner: 24, New York, NY - Alysse is beautiful and shy is what everyone thinks when they first meet her, but get to know her a little, and she comes alive. She is a professional backup dancer looking to make the right moves & ready to fall in love.

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Ashley Lands: 24, Houston, TX - Ashley is an adrenaline junkie who loves to model for the car racing industry, climb skyscrapers and take risks. Despite being a badass who's not intimidated by anyone, she's a softy at heart.

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Brittani “B-Lashes” Schwartz: 27, Lake Grove, NY - Brittani is known for her Long Island attitude, over-the-top style -- and lashes. She has worn false eyelashes every day for the past 10 years, hence her nickname B-Lashes.

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Brittnay Dawson: 33, Norfolk, NE - Now that her daughter is 16, Brittnay is excited for her second chance to live her life out loud. As a local reporter, she's a bit of a hometown celebrity, so Brittnay understands what a celebrity bachelor endures.

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Cate Lapera: 27, Staten Island, NY - Cate is from Staten Island and never lets you forget it. She is a living leopard print: loud, loves to be the life of the party and demands to be the center of attention at all times.

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Christina Lawrence: 29, Los Angeles, CA - Christina is a uniquely free-spirited ex-ballerina with a passion for fitness, staying healthy and being wildly competitive.

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Derynn Paige: 25, Franklin Lakes, NJ - After years of struggling with her weight, Derynn has found her confidence. She created a new identity, makes heads turn in every room she walks into, is now the social mayor of Hoboken, NJ, and is also ready for lov

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Deseree Flores: 37, Scottsdale, AZ - Deseree is close with her family, and when a family member of hers became sick, her other priorities took a detour. She went to every appointment and checkup and put her family first.

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Elle Wilson: 25, Philadelphia, PA - Elle is a Kardashian look-a-like out to prove her brains are just as powerful as her beauty. She has a degree in political science, worked for a Pennsylvania senator after college & is also a dedicated personal trainer

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Holly Gurbisz: 25, Matawan, NJ - Holly is a high-maintenance woman with a phobia of fruit who also happens to be Pauly D's number one fan. She is an emotional open book and is looking for a relationship after being single for five years.

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Maria Elizondo: 22, Secaucus, NJ - Maria tried to find love on TV once before, but it ended with a broken heart. This "Are You The One?" alum is ready to give love another shot -- even if she is a bit scared to open up again.

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Marissa Lucchese: 22, Massapequa, NY - Marissa is a feisty & outspoken woman who has been unlucky in love & feels like every guy she ends up with is a "loser." After dating someone who was leading a secret double life, Marissa has a hard time trusting men

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Mish Gao: 22, San Clemente, CA - Mish is a princess looking for her Prince Charming, literally. When not spending time with her siblings (including a younger brother with special needs), Mish was a Disney princess at Disneyland parks.

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Nadya Erazo: 29, Pomona, CA - After ending a six-year relationship, Nadya has very limited dating experience. On top of that, her dedication to her career as a makeup artist has made it difficult to get back into the dating world.

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Nikki Hall: 26, Los Angeles, CA - Originally from Jamaica, Nikki lives in L.A. craving the family she never had growing up. She is a total catch, but she's never been in a relationship longer than six months.

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Shira Tran: 27, New Orleans, LA - She plays the "goofy card," but this hairdresser is recovering from a painful breakup after being dumped by a doctor, but that hasn't stopped her Vietnamese parents from asking her when she's going to find a proper BF.

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Suzi Baidya: 29, Irvine, CA - With her high-pitched laugh, it's easy to write Susan off as a ditz, but this full-time nurse is anything but an airhead. Raised by strict Indian parents who want her to marry a doctor, Susan chooses to follow her heart.

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Victoria Fryer: 25, Chicago, IL - At 5 feet 11 inches, Victoria stands heads and shoulders above other women, but don't for a second think she's self-conscious about that; Victoria is 100 percent confident in herself.

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Zuljeily Andino: 30, Miami, FL - Zuljeily is a real-life beauty queen who moved to the U.S. from Puerto Rico with her boyfriend, then got promptly dumped. Despite her heartbreak, she learned how to live on her own without needing a man.

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