23 Shows You Need To Binge Watch Over the Holidays


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Stranger Things - The show everyone has been obsessing over for the past two years. If you haven’t seen it, a binge is definitely in order.


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Veep - With its last season announced for 2018 you have to watch it all from the beginning.

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Riverdale - One of the hottest dramas ATM. It's taking a comic book classic to a whole dark new level.


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Teen Wolf - Six whole seasons of hot, half naked werewolves… uh yes please.

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The Handmaid’s Tale - The incredible storyline of a dark and twisted near future will pull you in, then the amazing acting and crazy cinematography will have you hooked.

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Big Little Lies - This award winning series is based off an Aussie book set on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. Have that in the back of your mind when you’re binge watching BLL this holidays.

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Orphan Black - Ever think you have a twin out there that is exactly like you? Orphan Black takes that nek level with a clone science experiment.

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Broad City - Yas Kween! Go on some crazy adventures with these two BFF’s in NYC.

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Vikings - The show takes us on the journey of Ragnar Lothbrok, the first Viking from Norse legend. 5 seasons later and you'll be wielding a bow and arrow.

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Glow - The 80s. Wrestling. Comedy. So much greatness in one show that you’re going to want to deck yourself out in fluro spandex and perm your hair STAT.

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Shameless - It’s a great balance of drama and comedy that's ticking ALL our boxes considering it’s halfway through airing Season 8.

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Siesta Key - This is giving us so many ~summer feels~ and the eye candy is just a bonus!

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Ozark - If you want a super suspenseful drama, add Ozark to your list. Jason Bateman plays your average dad on the surface, but has a dark side job.

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The Sinner - Jessica Biel is unforgettable in this miniseries that follows a young mother that has no idea why she committed a murder.

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Easy - This Netflix series did super well in its first season scoring 96% on Rotten Tomatoes. Season 2 was just released in December 2017 so there is plenty to binge RN.

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Inside Amy Schumer - Four whole seasons of skits will give you the biggest lols.

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South Park - Still going strong since season 1 aired in 1997, South Park is OTT in the best way possible.

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