MTV Beats & Eats Food Lineup


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Hank's Haute Dogs: With locally-sourced quality ingredients, flavours such pulled pork & slaw, chilli beef, macaroni cheese with maple bacon & mexican plus salsa - all on a smoked pork frank and fresh brioche bun - Hank's is bringing the hot dog back!

Photo By Hank's Haute Dogs


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Sundweesh: The Middle East meets the West with more-ish Lebanese breads filled with creative and mouth-watering concoctions.

Photo By Sundweesh


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Pure Pops: Pure Pops contain no artificial flavours or preservatives and minimal sugar, ensuring the seasonal fruit shines. There are also dairy and gluten free options, so everyone can cool off with a delicious treat.

Photo By Pure Pops


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Burgers By Josh: Run by Chef Josh Arthurs, these burgers are piled high with unique combos and oozing with gooey sauces. Once you’ve had a burger by the master, others will pale in comparison.

Photo By Burgers By Josh


5 / 10

Bar Coco: Specialising in coffee, gelato and milkshakes, Bar Coco are the kings of dairy sweet treats!

Photo By Bar Coco


6 / 10

The Cuban Place: We have taken inspiration from the vibrant heydays in Cuba’s 1050’s and have put a little slice of Havana Down Under. Our food menu features fresh Australian produce with an authentic Latin flair.

Photo By The Cuban Place


7 / 10

Fratelli Fresh: Sydney’s leading Italian fine food restaurant. The menu heroes the very best of Italian cooking, where simplicity meets robust flavours and fresh produce.

Photo By Fratelli Fresh


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Jimmy Liks: After 14 years at the forefront of Sydney’s modern Asian revolution, the Award Winning Jimmy Liks team has left the restaurant behind them & now brings their innovative Asian Street Food to Festivals, Street Markets & Catering.

Photo By Jimmy Liks


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La Carovana: What's a food festival without PIZZA!? Traditional and tasty



10 / 10

2 Smoking Barrels Food Truck: Texan-style BBQ smoked with native Australian hard wood coming at you! Think delish brisket smothered in house-made cheddar, jalapeno hot links, miso ranch and Louisiana barbecue sauce.

Photo By 2 Smoking Barrels