A Complete List Of All Of Charlotte Crosby's Famous Boyfriends


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Kyle Christie: Sophie spilled the beans to us, saying, "I still remember the night [Charlotte] finished him. We were sitting in the car and she wound down the window and said, “Kyle, just to let you know, I don’t want to be with you any more.” Ouch...


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Gaz Beadle: Early seasons (1-3) of Geordie Shore were all about her on-again-off-again love affair with resident shagger Gaz.


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Scott Young: This was the guy Char opened Season 4 dating, and who she admitted to "not missing" when she got back in the house with Gary...


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Mitch Jenkins: The man Char predicted she would be engaged to by 27, married by 28 and by 30 having their first child...


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Gaz Beadle: When Mitch & Char briefly broke up, who was there but Gary for a shoulder to lean on and a parsnip to...


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Max Morley: Love Island's Max Morley shared a brief fling with our Newcastle lass, but famously turned on her in the media when rumours spread she cheated on him with you-know-who...Fun fact: Max is set to star on the upcoming season of Ex On The Beach!


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Gaz Beadle: We all know how this final (?) saga went...


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Ash Harrison: Char's next relationship after Gaz, everything looked like it was going swimmingly, until Charlotte started work on her new show 'Just Tattoo Of Us'...


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Stephen Bear: We made it! Char is loved up and completely smitten with co-host Stephen Bear. Will this be endgame? Only time will tell...