7 Character Comparisons That Prove Siesta Key Is The New Laguna Beach


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Alex is the new Stephen

Photo By Alex might be more of a playboy that Stephen was on Laguna Beach, but he's definitely as popular...especially with the ladies. Just like Kristen and LC fought over Stephen, it looks like Maddison and Juliette are set to go head-to-head over Alex.


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Madisson is the new LC

Photo By With that girl-next-door charm and endless pining after Alex (the new Stephen), we are ready for Madisson's mascara tears...


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Juliette is the new Kristen

Photo By Like Kristen, fiesty Juliette has bagged herself the King of Siesta Key in Alex...will their summer fling last? Or will Madisson (the new LC) create problems?


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Kelsey is the new Audrina

Photo By Kelsey is the new girl in town, just like Audrina. She's ready to make new friends and make up for lost time.


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Garrett is the new Justin Bobby

Photo By With his model good looks and way with women, Garrett has a lot in common with Justin Bobby...without the bad boy reputation.


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Chloe is the new Heidi

Photo By Chloe is most likely to be your best friend, or you worst enemy - but that's not all she shares with Heidi. She's loud, fun and a lover of drama.


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Brandon is the new Spencer

Photo By Brandon has caught the eye of Chloe (the new Heidi) with his good looks and charming ways. Like Spencer he has a way with women who aren't afraid to fight for his heart.