A Definitive Ranking Of Eminem’s Albums


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9. Revival (2017) - The album overall has received mixed reviews, more on the negative side. There are some good tracks to show off his rapping ability, but even Beyonce can't save this comeback.

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8. Recovery (2010) - 'Not Afraid' was the standout of this second comeback album and overall was largely successful. Recovery had earned Eminem AMAs, Billboard Music Awards, and Grammys.

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7. Relapse (2009) - It reached a double platinum status selling over 608,000 copies in the first week! Unfortunately it wasn't quite the Slim Shady comeback everyone was waiting for.

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6. Encore (2004) - Recorded in the height of his addiction the album takes you on an almost schizophrenic journey of hist substance use. The album even got the attention of the secret service who investigated his ant-Bush lyrics.

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5. The Marshall Mathers LP 2 (2013) - Part 2 received extremely positive reviews for Eminem's rapping abilities. The album also marked his 4th collab with Rhianna on 'The Monster' which went triple platinum.

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4. Infinite (1996) - The first studio album, listening to this album you find yourself looking into the his desire and potential. Definitely have to remember where you come from and Slim does not forget.

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3. The Eminem Show (2002) - Since it's release it has sold over 10.5 million albums world wide, making the second album in the US to get diamond status.

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2. The Slim Shady LP (1999) - The album that blew him into celebrity status. Slim Shady was Eminem's first Grammy Award for Best Rap Album.

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1. The Marshall Mathers LP (2000) - 'Stan', 'The Real Slim Shady', 'Kill You', 'The Way I Am'. Need I say more? This album was THE fastest selling solo album in history.

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