10 Outfits Literally No One But Kylie Jenner Could Get Away With


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this lime green towel cut into two random sections

Photo By Because what fashion designer trying to break into the industry wouldn’t repurpose the ugliest towel in their cupboard into a creation that could retail for serious bank? Easy money.


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this dominatrix outfit complete with a random black belt

Photo By Thinking about stealing The Crown Jewels but hate the thought of being caught on CCTV wearing plain black joggers and an old baggy sweatshirt? Take no chances in these show-stopping PVC trousers complete with a totally useless fake zip.


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this bright yellow waterproof bodysuit

Photo By Because nothing screams fashion like stopping traffic. No, seriously.


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this white t-shirt paired with thigh-high purple boots

Photo By Let’s assess this look from head to toe. On paper, it shouldn’t work. In reality, it… just about makes the grade.


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that time she wore gymwear as outerwear

Photo By The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star threw the rulebook out the window and went outside wearing nothing but a pair of seriously tight gym leggings and a crop-top. Sensational scenes.


6 / 10

oversized jacket #1

Photo By The perfect oufit for sneaking an extra two extra people into The Met Gala 2019 without a single person looking twice.


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oversized jacket #2

Photo By It might be deliberately comical but we’re 100% sure that this Instagram resulted in an upswing of oversized rainmacs being purchased from Primark.


8 / 10

this double denim situation

Photo By The jacket and jeans combination was controversial enough, but the addition of an enormous waist belt made from the same material really takes it into outrageous territory.


9 / 10

this velvet zip-up bodysuit

Photo By It might look the most uncomfortable and sweat-inducing outfit that we’ve ever seen, but credit where it’s due – there isn't an armpit patch in sight. Absolute goddess.


10 / 10

this functionally useless jumper

Photo By Whoever came forward with the design for this jumper deserves a raise. Tired of making miniscule profits? Use minimal material and leave the hems of the product looking messier than a weekend break in Brighton.