A Tumultuous Timeline Of Tana Mongeau's Ups & Downs


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April 30, 2015: The Las Vegas native joined the YouTube platform and built her 4 million+ audience through collabs, storytime vids and the downfall of Tanacon.

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October 2015: Tana witnessed her friend’s accidental suicide and turned it into a storytime video. She detailed how Triston Taylor Green was playing around with a possibly loaded firearm and accidentally shot himself.

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April 2016: Tana pulled a 'Logan Paul' by posting a video containing the discovery of a human body in a public bathroom. Showing the body in the now-deleted video, Tana and her friend Channon Rose received a lot of warranted backlash.

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January 24 2017: Tana posted a video titled “The N Word” which details an encounter with iDubbbz who told her to “say N*****” instead of “Say Cheese” at Tana’s meet and greet. It’s had 7.1 million views.

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July 2017: Tana posted a video showing her giving a lap dance to fellow YouTuber Kian Lawley. She was dating influencer Somer Hollingsworth at the time, with this video ending their relationship.

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September 2017: Tana released a vid claiming rapper G-Eazy tried to sleep with her when she was 15. G-Eazy apparently said he’d be down after being sent her pic, but it couldn’t happen because she was underage.

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November 2017: Tana released her debut single “Hefner”. The video clip features Bella Thorne and has been viewed 14 million times.

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June 2018: Inspired by Tana’s self-professed hate for VidCon, Tana created Tanacon. Mere hours into the event, it was shut down by officials for overcrowding. It’s been labelled the Fyre Festival of YouTube.

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September 2017 - Feb 26 2019: Tana and Bella Thorne were in a public open relationship but broke up in February when the pair confirmed their split via Twitter.

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April 29: It was announced that Tana would be starring in her own MTV reality series 'Tana Turns 21'.

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