Meet The 8 Brand New Cast Members Of Geordie Shore Season 14


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abbie holborn: This worldie is a reet party girl who's nae bothered about people's opinions of her and is always on the hunt for a pure hunk to neck on with during a mortal night out!


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Billy Phillips: Boxer Billy describes himself as 'canny chilled' - but will he stay chilled enough to always be in Anna's good books?


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chelsea barber: This Geordie radgie works at a bar in Newcastle and is used to getting mortal so it looks like she's going to fit right in with the family!


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elettra lamborghini: If you hadn't already guessed, glam Elettra is heiress to Lamborghini, so life is *pretty* fast and furious. Something tells us that won't change in the akka Geordie house...


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Eve Shannon: This new worker is no stranger to the dos and don'ts of getting pure mortal having done a season in Ibiza - but how will she get on with our Geordie partying pros?


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Sam Bentham: 'Class clown' Sam has brains, beauty and a *bit* of an obsession with animal documentaries. Oh, and he's appeared on Geordie Shore - who remembers the time Gaz went radge over Charlotte necking on with a lad? Sam was that lad!


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Sarah Goodhart: You might recognise this new worker from Ex On The Beach - and from being Marty's ex! She's '100% genuine and relatable', but also has a tendency to be a 'touch unstable'. How will she cope with the akka antics in the Geordie house?


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Zahida Allen: Last but definitely not least is Zahida - another worldie you might just recognise from Ex On The Beach! With her own events and promotion business, could Zahida rival Anna?


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What a propa worldie cast!!