10 Easy Ways To Make 2017 The Year You Actually Get That Swol Rig You Want


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Miley Cyrus practices Yoga because not only does it tone your bawdy but it helps keep a healthy mind in check.


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Fun and new workouts can be an exciting way to spice up your exercise regime. Make like Margot Robbie and give Ballet Barre a crack.


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Exercise doesn't have to be conventional gym sesh. Justin Bieber always carries his skateboard on tour and whips out a kick-flip every now and then. Fully sick.


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Boxing is an awesome way to combine a workout with a little bit of self-defense training. This was particularly useful for Gigi Hadid this year she was attacked in Paris.


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Conquer your fears and get fit all at the same time! Ellie Goulding often likes to give rock-climbing a go.


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Seems a bit cheesy but if you have some great workout gear it'll definitely be a big motivator in getting you out there on that sweat n' grind. Thanks Bella Hadid for the inspo.


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Make sure you give yourself a treat after you've done a workout sesh. Here's Bella Thorne treating herself to a cool drink. Yum, we'll take two.


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We live in Australia guys, let's make the most of it and use this bewt country to get our fitness on. And also just perv on Liam Hemsworth here going for a surf.


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Get your squad together to make the workouts more fun. Just like the Kardashians (in their home gym no less) you too can have a lol whilst pumpin' that iron.


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Zac Efron became huge this year for his role in Baywatch. Let's just all appreciate that and let it motivate us #GUNZ.