PICS: See Jonah Hill's Fit Transformation Over The Years


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Jonah Hill - Looking completely unrecognisable after loosing an additional 20kg this year. Hill's shred is largely due to his role in Netflix's Maniac with Emma Stone.

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Holly Hagan - Hagan has been all about getting trim and lean since starting on Geordie, but her most recent trip to Thailand saw an athletic bombshell side. She is looking absolutely phenomenal!

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Ed Sheeran - After gaining around 19kg while he was on break, Sheeran told a UK radio station he shred it all off earlier this year from consistent interval training.

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Guy Sebastian - The swol is so real! Guy has really focused on diet and fitness this year, even landing himself and his 6 pack on the cover of Men's Health.

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Mama June - Best known as the ridiculous mum on 'Here Comes Honey Boo Boo', Mama June went under the knife earlier this year for some serious transformation. Loosing over 130kg thanks to a gastric sleeve surgery, Mama June is looking healthy and trim!

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Sohpie Kasaei - The Geordie Shore star has come a long way since starting the show. She's has focused on her fitness in 2017 trimming down and feeling a lot more energetic with her new found fitness.

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James McAvoy - For his role in the 'Split' sequel, James has packed on the bulked. Compared to his shape in 2016 it looks like he's literally doubled his size in muscle. We're not complaining.

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Christian Bale - Is there anything he won't put his body through for his roles? Christian Bale is yet again showing serious commitment to his job as he is putting on an extra few kg's to play the title role in the Dick Cheney biopic.

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Ricci Guarnaccio - While away from the Geordie Shore, Ricci says he got too comfortable and lazy packing on an extra couple kilos (or more). The reality star has been very proud to show off his hard work and dedication this year.

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2006: Sup.

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2007: It was a difficult year for everyone.

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2007: Name a more iconic trio...we'll wait.

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2009: *blue steel*

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2010: Red carpet ready.

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2011: Jonah received his first Oscar nom for his role in Moneyball.

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2012: JH slimmed down HEAPS for 21 Jump Street.

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2012: Maddie Ziegler would be proud.

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2014: Jonah gained weight again for his CRAZY role alongside Leo in The Wolf Of Wall Street.

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2014: Find someone that'll look at you the way Jonah looks at Leo.

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2015: Jonah's roll in War Dogs required him to gain weight again.

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2016: Slimmin' down.

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2016: Street style.

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2016: Pics with a fan in NYC.

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2017: DAPPER AF.

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2017: (Mc)Lovin the Superbad reunion.

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2017: Jonah was spotted leaving the gym in LA. He has shed 19 kilos since appearing in 'War Dogs'.

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