New Year, More FOMO: 8 Wellness Retreats That'll Inspire You To Live Your Best Life In 2017


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Chewton Glen Hotel - UK: This British getaway is literally fit for royalty, boasting spas, award-winning restaurants and pools. But if you're more adventure-inclined, try your hand at British farmland activities like duck herding?

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Sha Wellness Clinic - Spain: Overlooking the Costa Blanca coastline, this centre focuses on detox, weight loss and beauty so you'll be looking extra flawless in your selfies. SIGN US UP.

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Anada in the Himalayas - India: The location of this retreat is enough to spark some MAJOR wanderlust. It also features intense spa treatments, wellness programs and lush swimming pools.

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L'Horizon Resort & Spa - USA: A Cali holiday doesn't have to mean fighting crowds at the Walk of Fame or waiting in lines at Disneyland. Live it up in this Palm Springs resort with pools, restaurants and spas. Our bikinis are already packed.

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Hotel Coworth Park - UK: Guests will experience a fusion of modern and traditional elements here. Take the swimming pool that features under water music and polo games to boot!

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W Retreat - Thailand: Everything about this place screams LUXURY. Its a 5 minute drive from some of Thailand's most recognisable beaches, herbal baths and yoga classes. It's everything you need to undo the wild nights of the New Year.

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Navutu Dreams Resort & Wellness Retreat - Cambodia: The name of this place says it all. The resort encourages the guests to enjoy 'personal discovery' through their de-stress classes, acupuncture and detoxes.

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Yoga Searcher - Bali. You don't have to be a yoga expert to enjoy this resort that encourages newcomers looking for some serious relaxation. It's also famous for its healthy restaurants, nature reserves and jacuzzis.

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