Time To Move? Here Are The Top 10 Cities To Live In For Young People


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10. Manchester, UK: With a music scene that almost rivals their sporting fandoms, Manchester is a vibrant hub for young people to explore a diverse range of interests.


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9. Cologne, Germany: This city is about as picturesque as they come and is home to stunning architecture, delicious delicacies and boasts a lively metropolitan scene for anyone looking to kick start an endeavour.

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8. New York City, USA: We would've been SHOOK if NYC didn't make the list. Especially considering the vibrant cosmopolitan is a bucket list destination for many aspiring dreamers looking to make it in the Big Apple.


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7. Barcelona, Spain: One of our personal favourites, the bright and bubbly culture of Barcelona is infectious and the food, art and beach weather are all bonuses.


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6. Vancouver, Canada: You can't go past Vancouver's stunning landscape, but throw in a progressive government as well as a focus on equality and we've already packed our bags.

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5. Toronto, Canada: Canada strikes again! Not to mention, Toronto is filled with career opportunities in numerous fields, particularly business start ups.

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4. Amsterdam, Netherlands: With an emphasis on letting your freedom flag fly, locals and tourists are encouraged to explore the culture and all it has to offer with very little red tape.

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3. London, United Kingdom: We expected to see London on this list, especially considering it's a common adventure for Aussie and Kiwis who decide to jet set abroad.

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2. Montréal, Canada: A third Canadian city! Think festivals, flexible immigration and that good ol' Canadian charm mixed with a strong French influence making for a diverse and welcoming melting pot.

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1. Berlin, Germany: With an enviable nightlife culture, strong focus on equality and low youth unemployment due to plentiful opportunities. What's not to love?

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