Here's Where You Can Find NZ's Most Haunted Locations This Halloween


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Lake Alice Hospital, Manawatu - The psychiatric facility closed in 1999 & the NZ government issued an apology (in 2001) to former patients for the abuse they suffered there. Visitors have witnessed mysterious voices, apparitions, figures & moving objects.

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Chateau Tongariro Hotel - The hotel’s spooky tales date back to its use as a women’s asylum in the early 1940’s. Staff and guests have reported a number of mysterious instances.

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Riccarton Racecourse Hotel - The hotel is thought to be one of the most haunted locations in the country. Licensee Donald Fraser was murdered on the site in 1933, and the case remains unsolved.

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Unitec Building 76 (Auckland) - Unitec’s location was formerly home to the Whau Mental Hospital, which was decommissioned during the early 1990s. There have been reports of moving furniture, wandering shadows and the sounds of children singing & laughing.

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Alberton House - The mansion was built as a farmhouse in 1863, and was later expanded to eighteen rooms. Paranormal activity has been reported on a number of occasions. Sightings have included women dressed in Victorian clothing roaming through the house.


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Waiouru Military Camp - Recruits stationed at the camp have reported seeing shadowy figures at the end of their bunks at night as well as sounds of tapping on their metal bunk frames. Faces have been seen outside the windows at night after curfew.


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Larnach Castle - Built in the late 1800s, sightings of “cranky spirits”, “touches”, “pushing” and other “odd occurrences” have been reported at the castle.

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Central Hotel, Dargaville - Built in 1901, the hotel burnt down shortly after it's construction. One man perished in the blaze, and his bones were discovered in the wreckage.

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Napier Prison - Constructed in 1862, occurrences at the site such as unexplained footsteps, disembodied faces, doors opening and closing on their own, and the ghost of a murderer on the anniversary of his execution have been reported.


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Waimate Hospital - Former nurses say there has been a ghostly presence at the hospital for many years, and say night staff would often find doors inexplicably open or closed. They believe the hauntings are the source of a deceased patient.


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Waitomo Caves - Built in 1908, guests & staff have reported the feeling of 'something' walking through them, echoes of laughter and the noise of a maid's trolley going along the long stretch of hall in the lower part of the hotel.