11 BBQ Essentials You Didn’t Know You Needed This Summer


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1. Inflatables: We're talking an inflatable pool (in case you don't have one) inflatable pool toys (in case you do have one) and inflatable couches, cause well, they're cool, colourful and everyone likes to sit down.


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2. Sauces (plural): Don't be stingey! You can't just put out one tommy sauce and think you'll satisfy the masses. You've got to have BBQ, sweet chilli, mustards, relishes. Even chuck in a few chutneys for your ~fancy~ mate. There's always one.


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3. Games: Variety is key when it comes to entertainment at a BBQ. Think coits and bocce mixed in with Twister and always, ALWAYS, have cricket stumps and a tennis ball on hand. (Make it a few balls, cause you know some of your mates are going for six.)


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4. Bonfire: This one's tricky, as of course there are fire restrictions - but a bonfire of any scale is an awesome BBQ feature. Not only can you roast some marshmallows at night, but it also keeps you warm when the sun goes down - win, win!

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5. AUX cord: You're always going to have mates who think they're all-star DJs. So take away the fuss and have an AUX cord on hand so it's easy to switch between iPhones and everyone gets a turn behind the decks.


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6. Disposable ERRY-THANG: We're talking paper cups, plates, plastic utensils - everything! Any clean up is INSANE, so to avoid the drama, make everything disposable and only worry about fitting the garbage bags in your bins.


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7. Punch Dispenser: Now you may be hosting a BYO event, but having a little something-something for guests to kick off with never goes astray. We recommend a punch dispenser with a pre-made concoction for everyone to toast the day's festivities.

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8. 15,000 bags of ice: There is no such thing as too much ice people, you have been warned.

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9. Dessert: Sometimes BBQs put too much emphasis on the selection of meats being grilled to perfection, but for those with a sweet tooth (who doesn't?) a dessert will NEVER go astray. A pavlova should be mandatory.

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10. Fairy Lights: Barbecues start during the day, but if they're good ones they kick on well into the evening! So chuck up some lights to mark the perimeter of the party and make it look more festive at the same time.

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11. Smith's chips: Bound to be your new fave flavours - what's a summer BBQ without Sweet & Sticky BBQ Ribs or Honey BBQ Chicken!?