26 Of The Best Halloween Movies You Need To Binge This Spooky Szn


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Midsommar - If a Swedish festival that turns into a Pagan cult nightmare sounds like your jam than this one is for you.

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Scream – Seeing a young Courtney Cox is reason enough to add this to your Halloween watch list.

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Psycho – One of the first slasher flicks. You’ll be thinking twice the next time you step into your shower.

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The Craft – Grab your choker and put on your knee-high socks, the witches in this movie will make you crave some 90s realness.

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Poltergeist – “They’re heeere”… You’ll never look at kids and TV’s the same way.

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Corpse Bride – Two words: Tim Burton.

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The Addams Family - They're creepy and they're kooky, mysterious and spooky. The family that every goth kid wishes they had.

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Death Becomes Her – Is there anything Meryl Streep can’t do?!

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Get Out - Comedian Jordan Peele's debut film is nothing short of a masterpiece with this terrifying look at racism in America.

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The Babadook – This movie is genuinely scary, but the fact that the Babadook has become a fabulous gay icon is more reason to watch.

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The Nightmare Before Christmas – If a movie can fall into both a Halloween movie and a Christmas movie then its obviously doing something right.

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The Rocky Horror Picture Show – Transvestites, musicals, and science fiction. Is there anything more you can ask for in a movie?

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Night Of The Living Dead – If you’re a zombie fanatic then this is up your alley. This is the film that influenced the modern brain eating zombies we know and love…

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The Conjuring – Any movie that is inspired by true events is sure to give you chills down your spine.

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Hocus Pocus – If you haven’t seen this movie and call yourself a Halloween buff, are you even?... This movie has the perfect combination of laughs and spooks, and Bette Midler singing is EVERYTHING.

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Halloween – An obvious pick for the list. This classic has set the bar for all the scary movies to follow.

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Nightmare On Elm Street – You're never safe… Not even in your dreams.

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Ghostbusters – Who you gonna call? This movie is hilarious for all the right reasons and they throw in a couple scenes to make you jump.

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It – If you weren’t afraid of clowns before than this may change your mind.

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The Exorcist – If this movie doesn’t make your head spin, we honestly don’t know what will.

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Annabelle - Why are dolls so creepy?! Annabelle might sound sweet but this evil doll will haunt your dreams forever more.

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Us - Jordan Peele's follow up to 'Us' brings a new meaning to the feeling of having someone standing right behind you.

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The Nun - Think 'Sound Of Music' nun but absolutely nothing like it. This movie is so terrifying Netflix watchers barely made it through the opening credits.

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Silence Of The Lambs - Well hello Clarice.....if you don't know what this means, you soon will. And you'll never.ever.forget.it.

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The Shining - One of the originals and one of the best. The scene is set in a resort during the off-season and honestly, don't watch this alone.

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Hereditary - This psychological thriller will make your family dinners seem positively cheery in comparison to what these people have to go through.

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