Here's How LGBTQI Pride Is Celebrated In 15 Countries Around The World


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Rome, Italy: The annual parade swings past the bucket list historical site, the Roman Colosseum.


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Barcelona, Spain: The Spaniards get quite cheeky, stripping down and painting themselves the colours of the rainbow.


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Paris, France: Revellers take the opportunity to educate on LGBT issues and protest inequality with signs (pictured).


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Mexico City, Mexico: Concerts take place throughout the parade in the centre of Mexico City.


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Durban, South Africa: Locals take to the street to protest and fight for the rights of the LGBT community.


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London, UK: Politicians come together with the parade-goers to show solidarity with the LGBT community.


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Sydney, Australia: This year is the 40th anniversary of Sydney's Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras parade. Plus CHER IS COMING.


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New Delhi, India: This yearly parade celebrates lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people as well as their supporters in a colourful display on the streets of Delhi.


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Rio, Brazil: Arguably one of the biggest parades in the world, people fill the streets of Rio de Janeiro down to Copacabana Beach.


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Tokyo, Japan: Music is a big part of the celebration, which takes places from the famous Shibuya Crossing.


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Jerusalem, Israel: "Love Without Border" is an established event ever since the first parade in 2002 bringing together the wider Jerusalem community.


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Auckland, New Zealand: As one of the first countries to pass same-sex marriage, New Zealand has always been a front-runner for their LGBTQI parades.


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Istanbul, Turkey: With rainbow flags galore, the event first kicked off in 2003 and in 2018 the streets are filled with thousands of parade-goers.


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Guatemala City, Guatemala: The local LGBT community and supporters come together in the city centre to celebrate love of every kind.


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San Francisco, USA: The land of the free opens up even further come the Pride parade in San Francisco.