These Are The Instagram Poses Taking Over Your Social Media Feed In 2018


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Bambi Pose

Photo By Is there anything more ~flattering~ than resembling one of your fave cartoon characters? We think not. The bambi pose is as simple as kneeling down with your thighs over your calves!


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Barbie Feet

Photo By Perhaps the most recent Insta pose of 2018 is Barbie feet, a look that is achieved by pointing your toes and elongating your legs so much they resemble Barbie's permanently moulded high-heel feet. #stunning #comfortable


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Photo By If you're an Instagram user, by now you'd be well aware of fingermouthing, a pose which has seen all your fave Insta it girls and social media influencers dangle their fingers seductively around their mouths. Why? It's 2018, that's why.


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Extreme Close-Up

Photo By Forget the face, 2018 is ALL about the extreme close-up. Whether you're trying to show off your svelte abs a la Kendall Jenner, or the detail in your OOTD, the close-up tells your followers 'HEY, LOOK AT THIS!'


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Bored AF

Photo By Ok, so this isn't really an official Insta pose...but have you noticed all your fave Insta babes looking bored AF in their posts? Clearly 2018's social media mood is IDGAF


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Rap Squat

Photo By The rap squat has been making the rounds on social media for a while now...but the sneakerhead squad is it's new, bolder rival. Rocking chunky sneakers? Squat down and snap a pic to show off those bad boys.


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Over The Shoulder

Photo By PSA: Backs are sexy AF in 2018. If you're donning a backless gown, bikini, or nothing at all, an over-the-shoulder glance will guarantee at least 100 and a DM or two.


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Photo By We've all been witness to 'manspreading' - when men sit with their legs wide apart...but have you heard of 'woman-spreading'? Celebs are throwing out the 'ladylike' stereotype by posing with their legs spread in a typically male 'power stance.'


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The Sink Shoefie

Photo By Keen to shoe off your new kicks but don't have a full length mirror in your bathroom? If you're flexible enough, the sink shoefie is for you! Prop that foot up, get your phone out and let the good times roll.


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Mirror Selfie

Photo By Hey, if it ain't broke, don't fix it - right? The mirror selfie is a classic and still going very strong in 2018.