All Of Britney Spears' VMA Outfits From Least To Most Midriff-Baring


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1. 2011 was a big VMA year for Britney: She won the Video Vanguard award and Best Pop Video for “Till the World Ends,” and was the recipient of a dance tribute performed in her honour. Unfortunately, her midriff was unable to make it that night.


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2. 2008 was an even bigger for Britney. Coming off of a 2007 performance that received less-than-stellar reviews, Brit came back to win her first ever Moonmen — yes, plural. She brought home three awards. No midriff this year, but who cares!


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3. 2000 was Britney’s second time at the VMAs, and while her red carpet look was fairly conservative, she bared a whole lot during her performance.


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4. No midriff in 2002, but that’s fine, because this is truly one of the best VMA outfits that’s ever existed.


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5. Britney made plenty of waves during her performance with Madonna & Christina Aguilera. So many that you may have forgotten what she was wearing. Her mini-wedding dress had lace just above the waist, dropping hints of the washboard abs that lay beneath.


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6. Last year, Britney’s glitzy mini-dress had sheer paneling that was just on the midriff. Iconic!


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7. 1999 was huge. HUGE. Britney made her VMA debut performing, what else, “...Baby One More Time,” with abs front and centre.


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8. As they were also on the red carpet.


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9. Here we are. Yet another iconic Britney look. This time, the 2001 red carpet, where she wore a sheer, lace dress with just a bralette and boy shorts underneath. Her hair was also perfect.


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10. Greased up, abs out, a python hoisted ever so delicately across her shoulders. Classic Britney at her best.


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11. While Britney’s 2007 performance didn’t show her at her best, she didn’t betray her true self, showing off as much of her abs as she could. A true hero.


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12. And finally, the moment we’ve been waiting for. Her 2000 performance of “Oops I Did It Again.” Britney ripped off a sparkly pinstripe suit to reveal nude, bedazzled pants and bra, revealing almost — almost — everything.