24 Of The The Most Unlikely Celeb Friendships


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Ruby Rose & Ellen Page: not only are they friends, the Aussie refers to the 'Juno' star as her "best friend"


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Courtney Cox & Ed Sheeran: your fave ginger crooner apparently spent time living in the 'Friends' alum's Malibu beach house rent-free & rumour has it he even introduced her to her fiancé, Johnny McDaid of Irish band Snow Patrol #nawwwww


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Vince Vaughn & Robert Pattinson: a super weird bromance! They've been spotted hanging out together a fair few times & Vince apparently even supported Rob through his breakup with Kristen Stewart


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Kanye West & The Olsen Twins: well they do all share a mutual love of fashion, we guess?


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Blake Lively & Florence Welch: unexpected but still so gosh darn PURE! Flo apparently even sang @ Blake's wedding to Ryan Reynolds


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Serena Williams & Kim Kardashian: the unlikely pair have been besties for over a decade, doing everything together from tea parties to baby showers


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David Beckham & Snoop Dogg:"I love our friendship and some people in life just come together for some odd reason" Snoop says of the dudes' unlikely bromance


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Kris Jenner & Jennifer Lawrence: age difference aside, this friendship shouldn't be too surprising considering how boss and outgoing both ladies are (not to mention J-Law's HUGE love of KUWTK)


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Meryl Streep & 50 Cent: the award-winning actress and the embattled rap star forged an unlikely friendship over their mutual love of basketball


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Justin Bieber & Kourtney Kardashian: Kourt was rumoured to be rebounding from longtime boyfriend Scott Disick with the much-younger pop star, but both have since gone on record to say that they're just longtime family friends


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Millie Bobby Brown & Drake: the internet widely accused 32-year-old Drake of "grooming" the 13-year-old 'Stranger Things' star, after she revealed he texted her often to say "I miss you" and give her advice about boys

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Kanye West & Donald Trump: NOT one of our faves tbh

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50 Cent & Bette Midler: wow! Never would have picked this one. These two found friendship through charity work!

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Snoop Dogg & Martha Stewart: it's the friendship we never saw coming, but these two are super close chums, with Snoop even appearing on Martha's show a couple of times

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Beyoncé and Blake Lively: these queens joined forces to support women's health, education and justice through the Chime For Change initiative. Power BFFs if ever there was!

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Katy Perry & Allison Williams: on the surface this one doesn't seem too odd, until you consider the fact that Allison's 'Girls' co-star Lena Dunham is part of Taylor Swift's squad & Tay Tay and Katie have plenty of well-documented ~Bad Blood~

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Jay-Z & Gwyneth Paltrow: Gwyn's kids even call him "Uncle Jay" (legit!)

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Selena Gomez & Jennifer Aniston: they met because they have the same manager and instantly connected, with Selena saying Jen gives her lots of "maternal advice"

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Zach Braff & Harry Styles: the 'Scrubs' star frequently professes his love for the 1D graduate on Twitter, and it seems like their unlikely bromance is legit!

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Russell Brand & Dame Helen Mirren: after meeting on the set of 'The Tempest' back in 2009 this unlikely pair became fast friends, despite their 30 year age difference

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Mandy Moore & Kelly Osbourne: the punk spawn of the Prince Of Darkson and the wholesome popstar have been pals for more than a decade

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Brad Pitt & Jonah Hill: the pair teamed up & both scored Academy Award noms for their work in 2011's 'Moneyball', which earned Jonah a part in Brad's squad

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Elton John & Eminem: these two famously bonded after performing together at the 2001 Grammy Awards

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Chris Martin & Simon Peg: Chris chose Pegg to be godfather to his daughter Apple, and in return Martin was chosen as godfather to Pegg's daughter. Too pure!

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