11 Icons We LOVE Who Defy Style Clichés


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Kristen Stewart: From Converse on the red carpet to the face of Chanel, Kristen defies the stereotype of what it is to be feminine, smashing style barriers left, right and left of centre.


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Rihanna: Can you say QUEEN? Rihanna's style is undeniable and fautless every. damn. day. After all, she wasn't awarded the 2014 CFDA Style Icon Award for nothin'!


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Cara Delevinge: Leading the new guard of supermodels, everything Cara touches turns to gold - especially her unique style combo of effortless, chic and sexy with a tomboy twist.

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Solange Knowles: While the Beyhive may question why Queen B isn't present on this list, it's because Solange takes the cake when it comes to forward-thinking fashion and taking chances (which always pull off with ease!)

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Madonna: As if there could be a list of style icons without arguably the most controversial and ground-breaking in recent history: Madonna is the OG.


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Miley Cyrus: It took balls to ditch her Disney cloak for her no holds barred approach to fashion, which basically means if your Grandma would blush, it's Miley Cyrus-approved.


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Lady Gaga: Wearing heels like that deserves an award in enough itself. While Gaga's style decisions may make some cringe, the fact their seared into your memory is cause for applause.

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Nicole Richie: From the Simple Life to multiple self-made brands, Nicole Richie has never strayed from her individual point of view: classic lines with a sharp boho edge.