Here's Every Celeb Vitalii Sediuk Has Assaulted In The Name Of 'Pranking'


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September 2011: Sediuk tells Madonna he loves her and hands her a bouquet of hydrangeas in the middle of a press conference despite her refusal.


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May 2012: Sediuk goes in for a kiss with Will Smith during a red carpet interview, Will slaps him.


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February 2013: Sediuk stage crashes Adele's acceptance of 'Best Solo Performance' at the Grammys without even a ticket to the venue.


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January 2014: Sediuk hugs Bradley Copper around his legs and crotch region during the Screen Actors Guild Awards red carpet.


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February 2014: Sediuk repeats the Bradley Copper assault, this time on Leonardo DiCaprio at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival.


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May 2014: Sediuk looked up the skirt of America Ferrera during a red carpet film premiere.


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September 2014: Sediuk wore a g-string to Paris Fashion Week and hugged Ciara as she posed for photographs.


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October 2015: Sediuk kisses Miranda Kerr on the cheek after the Louis Vuitton show at Paris Fashion Week.


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October 2015: Sediuk attempted to engage Anna Wintour at Paris Fashion Week.


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September 2016: Sediuk picks Gigi up without her permission and proceeds to get elbowed in the face.


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September 2016: Sediuk attempts to kiss Kim Kardashian's butt. This is not the first time he's accosted Kim who back in 2014 during Paris Fashion Week was allegedly pushed to the ground by Sediuk.