17 Reasons Why Bella Hadid Would Be The Best Wingwoman On A Night Out


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She'll totally take that perfect ~not looking~ pic for Insta.

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She understands the importance of snacks.

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She knows exactly how to arrive at an event to make sure everyone's looking at her.

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She always encourages smart hangover food choices.

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She'll help you get the message across if you run into your ex.

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She'll happily take cheesy vacation pics with you.

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She's totally up for those late night chats talkin' sh*t when you get home.

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She will 1000% sing old school r'n'b in the car with you on the way to the clerb.

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She would definitely lend you all of her amazing high end freebies while you're getting ready.

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She'll help a gal out if you ever have a ~wardrobe malfunction~.

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She knows her chooooons and she's got an AUX chord. Instant party DJ.

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She's not afraid to go there with her outfits....which means you'll never look over-dressed standing next to her.

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She's a guys gal. Which means she's totally happy to go court side on a night out instead of dancing.

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She'll bring along her equally as cool famous friends which, by association, will make you cool.

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She knows that the day after last night calls for Netflix and & (actual) chill.

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She can drop you home in her private jet. Nuff said. Bells, babe, call us.

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