Get To Know Geordie Shore's New Star Sam Gowland...


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a/s/l: Sam’s 22 and from Middlesborough. He works as an oil rigger, so Anna's tasks should be a walk in the park for this radgie!


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Hobbies: He loves footie. His cousin is Birmingham City profesh player Jonathan Grounds, and he's not too bad himself! He exclusively told MTV: "I was pretty good at football as a kid and I could have turned pro...but then I broke my jaw in 3 places!


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Love Island: Sam tried Love Island twice - but got booted off both times. During his stint on the show, he met and dated Georgia Harrison who he stayed with after leaving the island. However, the pair later split which left Sam open to new love...


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Love Life: So it looks like Sam has found love in the toon with Geordie Shore worldie Chloe Ferry and we're loving seeing snaps of the belta pair all over Insta.


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Describe Yourself: When Sam was asked to describe himself in one word during an exclusive interview with MTV, he said ‘f**king idiot’, which is, in fact, two words. Point proven? #LOL


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Best Quality: Sam reckons 'being able to get along with people' is his best quality. That's good, pal! Perhaps you can teach the rest of the fam a bit about that during their akka fights?


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Weirdest party trick: Sam can dislocate his own thumb by pulling it back so far it pops. GROSS. We reckon he'll pull all the lasses with this one... #KEEMON


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Geordie shore: Sam lives around the corner from original Geordie lass Holly Hagan. We wonder if she's given him any advice on going into the house? Bring on the Middlesbrough massive.


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Social media: Follow Sam on social media here: Twitter: @SamGowland123 Instagram: @SamGowland Snapchat: @Sam_Gowland