#SisterhoodGoals: 9 Times Kylie & Kendall Jenner Were Instagram's Greatest Siblings


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“whyyyy mom”: looking adorable in top-to-toe adidas thanks to mum Kris Jenner. And is it just us or would they totally rock this look now?

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“miss my sister”: Because it’s not enough to publicly declare that you miss your big sis… you have to do it by sharing a totally gorge pic of you both holding hands.

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That time Kylie posted a totally emosh birthday message for her big sister’s 21st birthday. “My other half. I wouldn't be me if it weren't for YOU.” And we die.

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Cuteness levels boosted by the presence of a mini fluffy farm yard animal.

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“U can tell my mom for sure made us take this pic .. those fake ass smiles lol,” is how Kylie captioned this pic. Sorry, didn’t even notice the fake smiles because those ballet outfits are just too much.

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"every kylie needs a kendall": Again, as if that caption wasn’t enough just look at that throwback pic. Those princess dresses and freckles… we can’t even!

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nap time: So we have no idea why the Jenner sisters are napping in laundry baskets, but frankly who cares why? Because just look at them…

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“Love you, mean it.” And we love you both.

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Kenny snuggles up to her baby sister and says, “I love you.” BECAUSE THEY ARE THE GREATEST SISTERS EVER!

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