Prepare To Drool Over This Year's Fkn Incredible MTV Beats & Eats Food Line-Up


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Black Bear BBQ

Photo By The Galaxy Bear Box: Texas-style BBQ alongside spicy sausage, slaw, pickles, crisps and sauce


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Milk N Sugar

Photo By Mr Poopie Ice Cream


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Greek Street

Photo By The Lunar Lamb Pita: Hot pulled lamb served with tomato, spanish onion, tzatziki, homemade sauce and chips AND the Geordie Nugget Kebab: a kebab stuffed with chicken nuggets


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BL Burgers

Photo By The Moonman: Signature BL Thick beef patty together with American cheese, onion rings, lettuce, Fireball BBQ sauce and Spacefood Stick Aioli stacked in a special Galaxy bun.


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Chrissy's Cuts

Photo By The Quarter Metre Roo Rocket: A 25cm kangaroo and aniseed myrtle sausage stacked on a roll with pickled beetroot, pepper mayo and Jatz cracker crumbs.


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Photo By The Astrobao: Full of hot honey butter chips, ice-cold honeycomb ice-cream and served on a steaming hot bao bun.


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Sherri & Candi’s Milk Bar by Bar Coco


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Happy As Larry

Photo By Deep Fried Lasagna Asteroids: Chunks of delicious deep-fried lasagna nuggets that will blow your mind.


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Photo By E.T Wasabi Ponzu Salmon and Moon Crater Fried Chicken with lava mayo, pickles and space dust.