A Complete Timeline Of Kristen Stewart's Dating History


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Michael Angarano (2005-2009) - Meeting on the set of their indie film 'Speak', these two dated for around three years until the birth of the Twilight Saga. We wonder who came next?

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Robert Pattinson (2009- 2013) - If you were Team Edward, then this was a good time for you. The on-and-off screen romance blossomed between these two, from the movie screen to Coachella, they were inseparable.

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Rupert Sanders (2012) - Yes it does seem there was some overlap here. The details of this relationship are very much limited to those paparazzi pics of the two making out in his car, on the set of Snow White & The Huntsman.

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Dakota Fanning (??) - This Twilight star had rumours flying about afters fans caught the pair in some steamy scenes together in the film The Runaways. Although never mentioned in public, we aren’t sure of the exact history between these two icons.

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Alicia Cargile (2015-2016) - Starting out as Kristen’s assistant, these two have been on-again, off-again for a few years now. However in an interview with Elle UK, Stewart spoke about how much happier she was with women, hinting at a relationship.

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Lynn Gvnn (2015) - Lynn was the first rebound girl after a break from Alicia Cargile. You may recognise this name as the lead singer of PVRIS.

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Soko (2015 - 2016) - The relationship with the 30-year-old French muso lasted only three months (probably because of Alicia Cargile). Whilst they never spoke out publicly about their relo, the PDA was off the charts.

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St. Vincent (2016) - These two were caught tuning all over NYC for a good few months. When this relationship began, Annie Clark (St. Vincent), had recently broken it off with Cara Delevingne.

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Stella Maxwell (2017) - The relationship with this Victoria's Secret model has been very full on, very quickly. According to US Weekly, the two moved in together after just five months of dating.

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Sara Dinkin (2018) - Kristen had a short-lived romance with stylist, Sara Dinkin before....yep, you guessed it....reconciling with....

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Stella Maxwell (2018/19) - Perhaps this love story might never be over because these two just don't know how to quit each other. Stella and Kristen rekindled their romance in 2018 before splitting and then reconnecting in 2019.

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Dylan Meyer (2019) - Kristen was seen with screenwriter Dylan Meyer in New York City back in August. It appears she has moved on from Stella and for now, the two seem to be enjoying a low-profile relationship.

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