13 Ways To Treat Yo' Self This Christmas


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A Silk Pillowcase, because a) you're a queen who deserves to sleep on only the ~most luxurious~ of fabrics, and b) it's wayyyy better for your skin and hair

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'The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F*ck' - this book will *literally* change your life, and allow you to part ways with all the unnecessary negativity in it

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Evil Eye Hoops, to thwart off bad spirits...and have you looking festive AF this silly season

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A calming face mask, for when you've partied hard and need to detoxify your skin

Photo By Aesop


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Some seriously stunning lingerie, for your eyes only!

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A moon bangle, to keep your jewellery collection and classic and perfect for all of those Christmas parties

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Cute AF pyjamas, for when you're treating yo' self to a holiday sleep in

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A sweet smelling fragrance, for a lady as sweet as you

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Some seriously decadent chocolates, because what would treating yo' self be without chocolate!?

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Deluxe activewear, because a balanced lifestyle includes a little exercise...or at least a walk to the coffee shop

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A fluffy AF robe - because, seriously, is there anything better than snuggling up in one of these?

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Beautiful linen, for those holiday sleep-ins...in style

Photo By Kip & Co