We Can't Believe How Much The Geordie Shore Lads Have Changed


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Now this is what we call a glo up! Kyle Christie is no stranger to surgery. The star has undergone a beard transplant, hair transplant, nose job, jaw contouring and veneers!


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Before joining the Geordie Shore house in 2014, Aaron Chalmers underwent a $14,000 nose job! Also, let's not forget how he's covered head-to-toe in tats.


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Nathan corrected what he called an 'unsymmetrical lips' which gave him a wonky smile. He now frequents a good lip filler, giving him a ~perfect~ Kylie Jenner pout.


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Hard to believe Scotty T is almost 30! The OG star had a smile check in 2016, getting porcelain veneers.


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Does this guy age?! Rumours have swirled that new dad Gaz Beadle has had botox. If these rumours are untrue, we'll be expecting a full skincare routine!


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Ricci Guarnaccio has come a long way since season 2! He recently underwent a couple of procedures, including skin removal on his eyelids and facial liposuction. Doesn't stop there though, Guarnaccio joined some of his castmates and had a nose job in 2015.


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Jay Gardner sure has changed! From buff and tanned in Season 1, Gardner has since stepped away from the spotlight to focus on his fitness company.


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We want whatever he's having! James has seriously managed to maintain his 'macho' over the years. Aside from the new eyebrows, James has barely aged, giving us the same 'big boi' vibes as Season 1.