13 Celebs Who NEED To Make A Comeback In 2017


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Taylor Launter: His abs pretty much changed the world in 2010 but we haven't heard much from him since Twilight ended.

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Heidi & Spencer Pratt: The couple appeared on the latest season of Celebrity Big Brother and were evicted 25 days in.


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Lil' Kim: The former Hip Hop Queen is more famous for her selfies these days.

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Raven Symone: ICYMI That's So Raven is getting a spin off SOON.

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Mischa Barton: BRB, watching reruns of The O.C.

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Jesse McCartney: This BEAUTIFUL SOUL needs to make a comeback.

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Ashley Tisdale: Her Instagram is still POPPIN despite the lack of on-screen roles.

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Jordin Sparks: Because 'No Air' was a BANGER.

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The Jonas Brothers: So Nick & Joe may be crushing it with their solo careers but can we get another banger like 'Burnin' Up' again pls?

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Emily Osmet: She should've gotten her own Hannah Montana spin off TBH.

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Jake T Austin: Remember Selena Gomez' HOT little brother from Wizards Of Waverly Place? WHERE ARE YOU?

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Aly & AJ: These former Disney queens were set to release a comeback album in 2015 but we're still waiting...

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Mandy Moore: We've loved her ever since 'A Walk To Remember' and we did remember and we want more.