Introducing The Sexy AF Cast Of 'Siesta Key'


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CANVAS: Canvas is Chloe’s pal, as well as the new vixen in town. She has a lot drive, knows what she wants and will stop at nothing to get it. She has her eye on one of Siesta’s hottest but unavailable guys - Brandon. What will Madisson think!?


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CARSON: Carson is Siesta Key’s dreamiest new bachelor -- blonde, blue eyes, a perfect 8-pack. This aspiring model is a total romantic, and he’s looking for just the right girl to make him happy. But love and happiness can be hard to come by in Siesta Key.


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HANNAH: Juliette’s best friend has it all: brains, gorgeous looks, an amazing house and the perfect boyfriend. She’s the ultimate power girl, but her life may not be as perfect as it seems when rumoUrs in Siesta start to surface.


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PAIGE: Paige is Madisson’s sister and roommate in their beautiful beach front Siesta Key condo. Paige comes into her own and gets even tighter with the Siesta crew. She may even break a heart or two along the way…


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TARIK: One of Madisson’s best friends from high school, Tarik just moved back to town with a killer job in gaming. he doesn’t back down from anyone, bu being a gay man in a conservative town like Siesta Key can be a difficult adjustment.


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ALEX: Alex is the King of Siesta Key. He’s known for his over the top parties and playboy lifestyle. But now that Alex has graduated college, he has to focus less on the pleasures of careless youth and more on his uncertain future.


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JULIETTE: Juliette is back home from college and is wasting no time heating things up. Last summer she had a fling with Alex that didn’t end so well. Will they reignite their flame? Or will the summer breeze blow it out for good?


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MADISSON: Madisson and Alex are high school sweethearts who haven’t totally moved on from each other. Having just graduated with an engineering degree, Madisson is looking to move on and start fresh. Will she let Alex go, or succumb to old habits?


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BRANDON: Brandon is one of Alex’s tightest boys, and most laid back of the bunch. Like Alex, he’s a total heartthrob, and together they will drive the girls on Siesta crazy.


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CHLOE: Chloe knows everything about everyone, especially when it comes to Alex. She’s most likely to be your best friend, and your worst enemy. One thing is for sure, you don’t want to get on her bad side.


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KELSEY: Kelsey is the new girl in Siesta Key. After her mom’s heath took a turn, this former international model has given up the catwalk to move home. She missed all of the fun of high school, and this summer plans to make up for lost time.


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GARRETT: Garrett is Kelsey’s boyfriend, a muscular personal trainer with a modest upbringing. When Kelsey starts to hang with Alex and his crew, their solid relationship starts to show its cracks.