10 Instagram Famous Pets To Fill The Grumpy Cat Sized Hole In Our Hearts


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@jiffpom: Jiffpom the Pomeranian is not a plush toy. With 9 million IG followers, this perfectly pruned is almost too cute to handle.

Photo By Instagram: @jiffpom


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@itsdougthepug: Doug The Pug has more style than any of us. Crowned the King of Pup Culture, this pupper has some serious style that he rocks to his 3.8 million followers.

Photo By Instagram: @itsdougthepug


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@marniethedog: Marnie The Dog is most well known for her bug eyes and lolling tongue and is just so scruffy it’s adorable. The 17-year-old rescue dog has amassed 1.9 million followers and counting.

Photo By Instagram: @marniethedog


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@iamlilbub: Lil Bub has feline dwarfism, causing her legs to be quite small! She also has a short lower jaw with no teeth, but her 2.1 million followers have fallen in love with her imperfections.

Photo By Instagram: @iamlilbub


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@juniperfoxx: Juniper is a domesticated fox rescued from a fur-farm. With very similar characteristics to cats and dogs, she’s a sassy fox with 2.8 million followers.

Photo By Instagram: @juniperfoxx


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@nala_cat: The adorably cross-eyed Siamese Tabby has 4 million followers who love her cuddliness and playful antics.

Photo By Instagram: @nala_cat


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@realdiddykong: Diddy Kong is a baller finger monkey with the cutest smile we didn’t know monkeys could have! Diddy shares her account with Yeti Kong and together they have 1 million followers.

Photo By Instagram: @realdiddykong


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@venustwofacecat: With 1.8 million followers, Venus the Tow Face Cat is famous for her face that looks like two separate cats. She seems like every other cat, just with the most iconic look on the Internet – her paws are even split too!

Photo By Instagram: @venustwofacecat


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@lionelthehog: Lionel and Lilo The Hedgehogs are the cutest little balls of spines that satisfyingly fit into the palms of their owners. With 135k followers, the two dress in hats and lounge lazily in front of the coolest backdrops.

Photo By Instagram: @lionelthehog


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@pumpkintheraccoon: Pumpkin is a rescued Bahamian raccoon who’s living a luxurious family life with her dog pals and humans. Pumpkin’s IG with 1.4 million followers is a crisp white theme that influencers aspire to have.

Photo By Instagram: @pumpkintheraccoon