The Most Shocking Digital Breakups That Shook The Internet


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David Dobrik & Liza Koshy

Photo By David Dobrik and Liza Koshy had dated since 2015 and picked up a combined audience of 20 million. The pair uploaded a video which now has 40 million views, saying that they had split 6 months ago but waited to tell fans.


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Jason Nash & Trisha Paytas

Photo By Jason Nash & Trisha Paytas called it quits in June, with Trisha uploading a video titled 'we broke up because I'm too fat'. Since then the two have uploaded multiple videos back and forth, arguing over the reason behind their breakup.


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Tammy Hembrow & Reece Hawkins

Photo By Instagram's favourite Tammy Hembrow recently announced her seperation with long time boyfriend Reece Hawkins. The pair share two kids together, but cited 'differences' behind their breakup. Tammy has since uploaded a video to YT which has almost 3M hits.


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Jaclyn Hill & Jon Hill

Photo By After 9 years, beauty blogger Jaclyn Hill and her husband Jon Hill announced their divorce in June. Hill stated the two 'had problems their entire marriage' and that she felt she was being bled dry. Her breakup video has almost 5 million views.


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Colleen Ballinger & Joshua Evans

Photo By Colleen Ballinger AKA MirandaSings confirmed that her and husband Joshua Evans were divorcing after only a year of marriage. The two publicised their wedding prior in a full coverage YouTube video, but Barringer announced their marriage was 'rocky'.


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Jake Paul & Alissa Violet

Photo By Jake Paul & Alissa Violet were the pioneers of the breakup scene. Their entire breakup took place on a 'he said, she said' youtube war. Alissa claims that Jake brought home other girls, while Jake says Alissa slept with his brother.


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Jesse Wellens & Jeana Smith (PrankVSPrank)

Photo By As one of the OG couples, the BFvsGF stars announced that they had decided to separate after 10 years together, stating that daily vlogging caused the majority of their relationship problems.