We Went To The 'Laguna Beach' Cabo Resort And It's Still Holiday Goals AF


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The Melia San Lucas - now named ME Cabo - was the go-to resort for the Laguna Beach squad through all three seasons. Most Laguna fans remember this entrance-way, and that it def meant hectic hijinks were about to go down.

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Nowadays, the entrance has the same vibe but all modern and white. Here's our MTV writer doing the dorky tourist-photo under it.


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Another thing Laguna viewers would remember was the INSANE view. Damn, that pool! That ocean! Those ~majestic~ moutains!

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So it's nice to know nothing has changed there - still spectacular, maybe even more so.


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We can't talk about the ME Cabo without talking about the pool bar. It was resort dreams for all of us, and clearly for the Laguna kids too, since they were always crowded around it.


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And obviously so were we. Pina Colada, anyone?


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The Laguna crew were always filmed in the bathroom doing their hair and talking about boys.


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"Hmmm....I wonder if I'll hook up with Stephen tonight?"


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One scene we always remembered for some reason was Jessica talking smack about Alex M on the balcony.


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It's like m8, these balconies are ~amazing~, chill out and enjoy the view. We sure did.


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When you think "Laguna Beach in Cabo" you think Kristen in ~that~ club scene.


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The club they went to has closed down, so we hit up one of Cabo's most popular ones, El Squid Roe.


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Obligatory Kristen-style tabletop dancing.


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'The Arch' is one of Cabo's famous natural wonders, and featured loads in footage when the Laguna guys were there.


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It's pretty spectacular, with the deep blue ocean surrounding it.


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'The Arch' is right near Playa Del Amor, which is on a little island out at sea. It's easy to get to via water taxi, and where Kristin and Alex H had their beach d & m.

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This is what Playa Del Amor looks like IRL. ~serenity~


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But there are some hectic waves, as we found out... the hard way.


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Stephen preferred the other side of the island, hilariously known as 'Divorce Beach' because it has the most insane waves you've ever seen.


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Which makes it perfect for Stephen's fave sport, skim-boarding. We saw plenty of locals doing the same.


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Who didn't want to be on that beach cabana Kristen and Alex H shared in Season 2?

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They still exist at ME Cabo, although they're much sleeker and ~fancier~ now.


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We couldn't do this trip without re-enacting ~that~ phone scene, where Jessica calls her ex (and recent hookup) Jason and just chats into his answering machine.

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"Heeeey Jason, it's Jessicaaaa... Just wanted to see what you were up tooooo..."