10 Snacks You Will Find At Every Aussie Summer BBQ


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Sausage Sambo: Let's get the obvious out of the way; lamb, beef or vego, whatever your poison, a sausage sambo will always be front and centre at an Aussie BBQ.

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Pavlova: Every main needs a dessert and we can't go past pavlova dripping in whipped cream and covered in every fruit you can get your hands on.

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Cob Loaf Dip: Hollow out that loaf of bread and fill it with a cheese and/or spinach dip, but don't be surprised when the food table is surrounded with hungry vultures.

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Prawns: However cringe 'another shrimp on the barbie' is to your ears, fresh prawns are a mainstay at any summer event we've ever been to.

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Watermelon: Munching on watermelon triangles in between cricket pitches or after a swim is synonymous with Aussie summertime.

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Cheese Plate: There is never enough dips, crackers, prosciutto and cheese to fill your guests - so just keep it coming!

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Lamingtons: An oldie but a goodie and always a must have.

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Fairy Bread: While these may be positioned on the kids' table, you better believe every one will dabble in bread covered with butter and sugar.

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Icy Poles: It's hot after all, what better way to cool down?

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Smith's Chips: Our personal fave, the limited summer edition Sweet & Sticky BBQ Ribs & Honey BBQ Chicken are the perfect sweet and salty crunch to top off your BBQ's menu.