8 Character Comparisons That Prove Floribama Shore Is The New Jersey Shore


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Cortni as the new Snooki

Photo By Just like Jersey Shore's Snooki, Kortni LIVES for partying and despite her "Krazy" behaviour, just wants to make a good impression on her new roomies.


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Nilsa at the new Sammi Sweetheart

Photo By Nilsa is Floribama's very own Sammi, finding herself in a "love square" early on and with the 'sweet' looks to match!


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Gus as the new "Situation"

Photo By Gus might have The Situation's abs and love of partying, but don't get him wrong. He's keen to find the right woman and wife up ASAP.


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Jeremiah as the new Ronnie

Photo By Just like Ronnie, Jeremiah has tongues wagging as soon as he enters the house...and he's no stranger to igniting drama between his roomies!


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Aimee as the new Deena

Photo By NOT afraid to say what's on her mind, Aimee is just like Jersey Shore's Deena.


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Kirk as the new Pauly D

Photo By Kirk loves his family just like Pauly D and will defend his new Floribama fam no matter what....and he's even nailed the Pauly D blowout!


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Codi as the new Vinny

Photo By Codi is a true souther gentleman, just like Jersey Shore's Vinny...but is he keen to show sympathy, or stir the pot?


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Candace as the new JWoww

Photo By Candace's no-nonsense demeanour reminds us of JWoww, as well as her ability to wrangle Krazy Kortni!