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About Daria

Who was Daria Morgendorffer? She was the abrasively sarcastic "realist" who starred in MTV's wildly popular animated series Daria and unintentionally became a cultural icon. But Daria never wanted to be "popular." In fact, she despised anything that even remotely pandered to the masses. For five seasons, Daria was surrounded by shallow and stupid people and brandished her razor sharp sarcasm in order to tolerate life among the "idiots" around her. Daria always wore big, round glasses; combat boots; and a blazer and pleated skirt. With her arms crossed, Daria would drone on about any and all observations she made about the world around her, usually to fellow outcast and best friend, Jane Lane. With her sharp intellect -- and even sharper tongue -- Daria dissected anyone she deemed superficial, which was just about everyone.