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About Geordie Shore Season 6

After a 'Geordie Shore' invasion Down Under, you can catch all their Australian shenanigans on MTV!

Our favourite reality lads and lasses escaped the grey skies of Newcastle to fly half way around the world to hit our shores and take residence in a luxury beach front mansion in Sydney to show the Aussies how to party, Geordie style. How will the hot young local ladies react to the buck squad and will they understand a word they are saying or will their bodies do the talking? How will the lasses go down with the local lads and is Australia ready for getting mortal, slut dropping and getting on it like a car bonnet? Only time will tell ...

As the Geordie’s settle into their amazing new pad in typical fashion by getting mortal, they get the shock of their lives as former 'Geordie Shore' legend and alpha male Jay comes to crash the party for a few days. We last saw Gaz crying like a baby when Jay left at the end of series three, causing a sad end to their beautiful bromance. However, his tears of sadness were soon replaced with those of joy when hot-blooded Scott joined the cast sharing Gaz’s eagerness for pulling and the buck squad was born. For two series the dirty duo have romped their way around Europe so will Jay’s arrival upset the balance as Gaz decides to spend his time getting mortal with his old pal or will the lure of pulling hotties with buck squad member Scott be too hard to resist?

Last series saw James feeling left out of the family after his worldie girlfriend Kate caused a rift between him and his former bed buddy Holly which impacted on everyone’s relationships in the house. After weeks of bad tension, things between them finally came to a head and ended in a massive argument, so how will they both fare this time when living under the same roof again, thousands of miles from home? Things had not improved when the bickering pair had arrived in the land Down Under.

Charlotte arrives late in Oz sporting newly dyed brunette hair in an attempt to ward off overly friendly advances from blonde loving Gaz as she is determined that their turbulent relationship is over once and for all. Bestie Sophie has caused tension by revealing some secrets about Charlotte to the house but what are they and are they true?

For the first time since Season 2, we see a newly single Vicky who is determined that girls just want to have fun now that her and former cast member and fiancée Ricci are over for good. ‘It was the most amazing time of my life…Australia is incredible; the people, the beaches, the atmosphere and the nightlife is like nowhere else. All this made it the wildest series yet,’ said Vicky about her time away.

If you thought Cancun was crazy then you can’t afford to miss 'Geordie Shore: Going Down Under'. Tune-in to see the Geordies take a trip to the outback, surf at Bondi Beach, get friendly with the local wildlife and of course a whole lot of sun, sea and sex.

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