Covid- 19

I’m One Of The Few Young Aussies Who Had The AstraZeneca COVID-19 Vaccine. Here’s What Happened.
There’s a 0.0011% chance of the jab causing adverse side effects, and a similar percentage of online conversation that is actually useful to the young people who have already had it.
BREAKING: Jacinda Ardern Announces Start Date For Trans-Tasman Bubble
The New Zealand PM has finally revealed when the long-awaited travel arrangements between Australia and NZ will kick off, and how it's all going to work.
Everything You Need To Know About Bluesfest 2021 & The QLD COVID-19 Cases
Amid the three-day snap lockdown in the Greater Brisbane area, Bluesfest 2021 has had to make some tough calls regarding the festival moving forward.
A Medical Director's Responded To Gwyneth Paltrow’s Tales Of Treating Long COVID With Herbal Cocktails & Sugar-Free Kimchi
I am once again asking Gwyneth Paltrow to stop doling out medical advice.
INTERVIEW: Naomi Higgins Talks Her New ABC Comedy ‘Why Are You Like This’
MTV Australia meets Naomi Higgins, the star and co-creator of the show, to talk about trying and failing to be moral in an online world.
What's This About A Facebook News Ban?
Australian Facebook users woke up this morning to find themselves banned from viewing and sharing news content. We explain why.
“This Circuit-Breaker Has Worked”: Victoria’s Snap Lockdown Will End Tonight
VIC Premier Dan Andrews has confirmed Victoria's five-day snap lockdown will wind up at 11.59pm tonight.
Pressing Questions With Lucinda Price, AKA Frooomes
We investigate Frooomes’ real world via a series of our Pressing Questions.
“This Thing Is Moving So Fast”: Victorian Premier Dan Andrews Just Announced A Five-Day Snap Lockdown
Oh for the love of god: Victoria is back in lockdown from midnight tonight.
Pressing Questions With Nick Ward
We accost Sydney songwriter/producer Nick Ward with a medley of life's most pressing questions.
Why Are Family WhatsApp Groups So Stressful?
There are no winners in family WhatsApp groups, only survivors.