Life Is Stressful Enough Without Zac Efron and Jessica Alba’s Fake Movie Trailers

Though to be fair, I would see this Wes Anderson movie in a heartbeat.
Composite photo of Jessica Alba and Zac Efron

Zac Efron And Jessica Alba Just Dropped A Trailer For An Action Movie That Doesn't Exist

Why would they do this?
Man with brown skin on beach carrying a white dog

Indian-Australians Weigh In On Scott Morrison’s Travel Bans

As Australians celebrate the success of our closed borders policy in containing the spread of COVID-19, we’re less willing to hear about the lives it’s tearing apart.

BREAKING: Jacinda Ardern Announces Start Date For Trans-Tasman Bubble

The New Zealand PM has finally revealed when the long-awaited travel arrangements between Australia and NZ will kick off, and how it's all going to work.

Australia Has Closed Its Borders To NZ For 72 hours & Jacinda Ardern Isn’t Happy

Hopes of a Trans-tasman travel bubble have been temporarily dashed as Australia shuts its drawbridge to its Kiwi cousins.

A Power Move: Qantas Has Reopened International Travel From July 1, 2021

The airline is now accepting bookings to your overseas destination of choice, but only if you’ve been vaccinated against COVID-19.

The International Travel Ban Has Been Extended Until At Least March 17

The international travel ban was extended after advice that COVID-19 was still an ongoing threat. In other words, hold your damn horses.

QLD Will Finally Open Their Borders To NSW From December 1

QLD Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk made the happy announcement this morning.

If You Wanna Travel Overseas You’re Gonna Have To Get A COVID Vaccine, Says Qantas CEO Alan Joyce

Once it’s available, a COVID vaccine will be mandatory for all passengers looking to travel overseas with Qantas, and likely other airlines too.

Three States Close Their Borders To SA After Coronavirus Outbreak

17 new cases in South Australia prompt state leaders to tighten up borders. Everything you need to know below.

ScoMo Teases More Potential Travel Bubbles With Countries Including Japan, South Korea & Singapore

The PM has renewed hopes for Aussies keen to get back overseas.