James Charles

James Charles Open Conversation video backlash to sexting smiling in white shirt

I Wonder How Wise It Is For James Charles To Declare His DMs ‘Open’

Perhaps read the room?
James Charles Open Conversation video backlash to sexting smiling in white shirt

James Charles Holds Himself Accountable... While Getting Ready

Retracing the James Charles downfall that started with accusations of grooming minors and ended with a paltry ‘Get Ready With Me’ video.
Composite image of James Charles, Jeffree Star and Tati Westbrook

Jeffree Star Is Done With Everyone Except "Great Friend" Shane Dawson

An inspired choice.
tati westbrook youtube video still explainer a year later

Tati Tries Her Utmost To Avoid The Elephant In The Room

YouTuber Tati Westbrook has returned to her channel, giving a life update and scrupulously avoiding Dramageddon 3.
Jeffree Star posing in decorative back brace, lilac suit jacket and hair styled into a straight bob containing blue and pink streaks

Allow Jeffree Star To Clear Everything Up

"I'm definitely embarrassed by a lot of my old behaviour," Jeffree Star admits in an interview about his last few years of controversies.

James Charles' Ex-Employee Kelly Rocklein Speaks Out Following Workplace Lawsuit

Rocklein refutes James Charles' response, revealing more about what it was actually like to work for the YouTuber.

Oh Ok: James Charles Is Now Being Sued By A Former Employee

The YouTuber returns to social media to respond to accusations he mistreated and underpaid his ex-producer Kelly Rocklein.

YouTube Moves To Demonetise James Charles’ Channel Amid Grooming Allegations

But is YouTube’s decision anything more than a PR stunt?

Makeup Brand Morphe Under Pressure To Cut Ties With James Charles After Grooming Allegations

Last year, the brand pulled products from problematic YouTubers Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson. Will they do the same for James Charles?

Is YouTube Becoming A Hotbed Of Exploitation?

The allegations against David Dobrik and James Charles are just the latest in an established pattern of male YouTubers taking advantage of their young fans.

James Charles Allegedly Liked A Tweet That Smears His Alleged Grooming Victim

This week James Charles’ response to grooming allegations made against him went from bad to worse.