Turns Out Ariana Grande Hates One Of Her Most Beloved Songs & Fans Are P*ssed


Pop idols can usually do no wrong but Ariana Grande's fans are not so happy with her at the minute.

Yes, she's just released her best album yet - not up for debate - and is performing for thousands of us every night, whether on her worldwide tour or headlining a little-known festival called Coachella, but some people are not best pleased about her opinions of her own music.

The whole drama began after the 'Monopoly' singer responded to a fan's tweet that said: "bitches really be listening to borderline still....... i am bitches".

Miss Grande replied by saying "i too am bitches", simply playfully admitting that she bops to her own bop, the Missy Elliott collaboration from last year's sweetener.

Not all fans were so amused by her self-appreciation due to previous comments about another song of hers, as they tweeted "Ariana likes borderline but thinks touch it is boring. OK."

 Referring to her immaculate Dangerous Woman track 'Touch It', Ari confirmed the claims were true as she replied "im correct".

The statement has been considered somewhat pop sacrilege in the Ariana fandom as, while not shading 'borderline', the two songs are in entirely different leagues. In fact, 'Touch It' is simply in a league of its own when it comes to Ariana's whole discography.

"I love you but you categorically arent [correct]" tweeted one fan, while another - drag queen DJ Monopoly Phonic - pledged to not play any Ariana song apart from 'Touch It' during their sets as a protest.

Does Ariana care? It doesn't seem like it as ultimately she can think whatever the hell she wants of her own music, although we will admit this opinion is rather wild.

My fellow stans don't need to worry too much, as she denied slandering Dangerous Woman and admitted she still loves the album, so it's all love. Cool? Cool.

Now go and stream 'Touch It' on repeat until it reaches Number 1 as a protest.

- Words By Ross McNeilage

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