Watch This Lana Del Rey Fan Malfunction Upon Meeting Her Queen At Work


Wholesome content alert! You’re about to witness a Lana Del Rey fan glitch when the one and only Lana walks into her work.

In a beautifully narrated CCTV footage vid, the unnamed girl can be seen oblivious to the fact that the ‘Norman F*****g Rockwell!’  singer has graced her presence.

She wanders back and forth through the store, still blissfully unaware until she's mere centimetres away at the counter.

Then she full on drops her sh*t, and that is v relatable. Can you imagine a quiet day at work and then being ~rocked~ by an A-lister’s appearance? We would not have seen that coming either.

The cute fan got a graceful hug out of it and it honestly melts your soul with her squealing narration.

Her reaction is very much us in a nutshell. And doesn’t it just solidify how angelic Lana Del Rey is?

The world does not deserve her.

Main Image Credit: Licensed by Getty

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