Hold Our Hearts Because Fans Reckon Ariana Grande Harmonises On One Of Mac Miller’s New Posthumous Tracks


Mac Miller’s posthumous album Circles came out this week and it’s as perfect as we imagined. In fact, it brought tears to our eyes listening to his voice almost a year and a half after Mac’s death.

Ariana Grande and Mac dated for two years, with the pair collaborating on Ari’s track ‘The Way’ and Mac’s ‘My Favorite Part’. So it comes as no outlandish shock to hear fans speculating that Ariana’s voice could be subtly heard in one of his new songs.

In the song ‘I Can See’, a female voice similar to Ariana’s can be heard harmonising with the rapper. Although it’s unconfirmed who the voice belongs to, it does indeed sound very Ariana Grande.

Fans are frothing this rumour, and it would honestly be a pretty perfect appearance seeing how instrumental Mac and Ari were in each other’s lives.

In a matter of divine timing, Ari did tweet this speculative sentence, saying “I love adding more harmonies than anyone will ever notice or hear that no one ever asked for or needed.”

Coincidence? We think not!

Producer Jon Brion completed the album after Mac’s unexpected death during its creation in 2018. It’s definitely a masterpiece considering it could only come together with vocals already recorded.

If you need some listening today, go check out Circles and see for yourself if that’s Ariana’s sneaky vocal appearance…

- Tait McGregor

Main Image Credit: Licensed by Getty

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