How To Get Lady Gaga's MTV Shirt From The 2020 VMAs

Want to buy Lady Gaga's MTV shirt that she wore at the 2020 MTV VMAs? We've got all the details on how to nab one.

Want to buy Lady Gaga's MTV shirt that she wore at the 2020 MTV VMAs? We've got all the details on how to nab one.

It’s no secret that Lady Gaga shone like a goddamn diamond at the 2020 MTV VMAs on Monday, and at MTV Australia we’re still coming down from that Gaga high.

Not only did Lady Gaga's one-woman fashion show serve up the most badass looks this side of planet earth, she also came away with more VMAs to her name than any other artist. Her spirited anthem "Rain On Me" with Ariana Grande nabbed prestigious Moon Person awards for Best Collaboration, Best Song and Best Cinematography. She also nabbed the Moon Person award for Best Artist before casually making MTV history as our first-ever Tricon award recipient

Oh, did we mention her face mask game? I'm sorry, but when we say Gaga's many face masks deserve their very own awards show, we are dead serious. True to form, Lady Gaga modelled a new mask each time she collected an award (with the exception of the Tricon); each conceived by a different designer. And while a face mask feels very Lady Gaga 2020 or not, she was gunning for a clear public health message. "Wear a mask", she urged. "It's a sign of respect". Our queen had spoken.

If that wasn't enough, Gaga blew (virtual) audiences away with a fierce MTV VMAs rendition of "Rain On Me" with Ariana Grande, both of whom came masked-up for the performance. Gaga was also careful not to make the VMAs show all about her; acknowledging how difficult a year it has been and giving us a little hope while she was at it. "You can spin your struggles into gold", Gaga said as she accepted her MTV award for Best Song. "You've gotta believe in yourself and you've gotta surround yourself with good people". Solid life advice, LG.

Here's a look at Gaga basking in the warmth of her new Moon Person friends at the end of the evening. But wait just a minute. Is that an MTV tee she's wearing? And where can we get one?

Where can I buy Lady Gaga's MTV Shirt?

Lady Gaga is selling her limited-edition MTV shirt as part of her official Chromatica merchandise, so you too can emulate Gaga's 'I just won five MTV VMAs and I'm chill about it' look. And in special news for Aussie fans, it ships to Australian addresses. You're welcome.

As described on the website, the limited-edition tee is screen-printed with MTV and Chromatica graphics on the front and sleeve, serving up some serious early '80s MTV nostalgia (not that we were there, but you get it). See Lady Gaga's full Merch page right here

How Much Does The Lady Gaga MTV VMAs Tee Cost?

The limited edition shirt will set you back $35 USD which is about $47 AUD (plus shipping). Not bad for an exact replica of something Lady Gaga wore this week. 

Is There Any Other Chromatica Merch I can get?

Yup! There's a whole bunch of Chromatica merchandise on offer on Gaga's site, including tote bags, hats, pillows, hoodies and track pants. Have a gander of the full collection here. Fair warning though, they're fresh out of fluorescent pink jockstraps. Sorry.

Follow along with all our MTV VMAs coverage here, including our complete VMAs winners list. Catch the VMAs performance line-up here and catch up and rewatch the 2020 Video Music Awards, which aired live in Australia on Monday, August 31 at 10am AEST. 

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