Here's How To Watch 'Teen Mom 2' In Australia

If you're wondering how to watch Teen Mom 2 in Australia, you've come to the right place.

You may be wondering where you can watch the latest season of MTV 's hit show Teen Mom 2, well wonder no more, you've come to the right place.

You can tune in to the new season on our very own channel of course – that's MTV on Foxtel (channel 124), Sky (015), Fetch (104). Teen Mom 2 Season 10 premieres this Sunday, September 6, with new episodes dropping each week on Sundays.

Alternatively, catching Leah, Chelsea, Kailyn, and all things related to Teen Mom 2 video content by heading over to our site section at

when does each episode of Teen Mom 2 air?

Drama is on the menu so mark Sundays in your calendar as MTV shows each episode of Teen Mom 2 Season 10 every Sunday, starting with the first episode of Season 10 this Sunday the 6th of September at 5pm AEST.

Here’s when you can catch the show as it airs on Foxtel, Fetch, and Sky across different locations:

New Zealand: 5pm

South Australia: 4.30pm

Northern Territory: 4.30pm

Western Australia: 3pm

Can I catch up on past seasons of Teen Mom 2?

You sure can. Just head over to the MTV site and we’ll sort you out with all show content. Or, just follow this handy link, which will take you to our easy-to-navigate menu of shows.

Where can I watch Teen Mom content?

Got that Teen Mom 2 itch? Satisfy your cravings and watch as many episodes and Teen Mom 2 related video content as your heart desires on our site, just click here and you’re good to go.

Or head on over to Foxtel (channel 124), Sky (015), Fetch (104) every Sunday at 5pm to follow along with all the episodes and latest drama of Leah, Chelsea, Kailyn and the rest on Season 10 of the show.

Don't forget you can also purchase the entirety of Teen Mom 2 Season 10 on Apple iTunes too; head to the iTunes store for all the details.  

catch up on past episodes of Teen Mom 2 below... 

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