Francesca Farago Reveals Just How Messy It's Gotten Between Her & Ex Harry Jowsey


Francesca Farago has spoken out for the first time since dropping a YouTube video announcing her breakup with Harry Jowsey, saying she could be spilling some serious tea on him, but isn’t going to. She then kinda goes on to spill some of said tea..?

In an appearance on Violent Benson’s podcast Too Tired To Be Crazy, the Too Hot To Handle star said: “I think that every single girl knows that when a guy calls a girl crazy it’s just a reflection of their actions I think because Harry knows I’m not crazy, if I was crazy… I would be pulling some whack shit right now to ruin his career because I literally could if I wanted to.”

She continued: “With everything that I know and I’ve been so respectful considering everything he put me through. Even after everything he’s done to me, I’m still… I have no desire to even snap. I’m just like, you’re disgusting at this point.”

A quick recap of Francesca and Harry's relo: the two got together on the Netflix reality series about hot people being hot, broke up a few months after the show finished, rekindled their romance and got engaged, then split again in June – this time giving us all front row seats to the drama with matching tell-all YouTube videos. The latest? Last month, Harry told The Courier Mail he was considering taking Francesca to court because he believed their breakup cost him 200,000 Instagram followers.

Honestly, you can’t make this stuff up. In this latest interview, Francesca also called their relationship a “mind fuck". “He would say to me, I love you so much, I wanna be with you, I wanna marry you, but I can’t do long distance anymore,” she said. “That’s how it started.”

Harry flits between in QLD and LA, while Francesca's currently based in LA too. 

“The distance was just a big cop out for him,” Francesca said. “But then he said that [the distance was the reason for the split], and then he did a video saying he fell out of love in February. But if he fell out of love before the show even came out, then he shouldn’t have stayed with me, and he shouldn’t have proposed to me, and he shouldn’t have done all of that.”

She said he “wanted to be single, and he wanted to be famous, and he wanted attention. And having me in his life wasn’t important enough to sacrifice fucking bitches.” Wow. Clearly there are still some Big Feelings there, good and bad. (Mostly bad.)

“I think it's gonna take a while to not love him,” she said. “I think the feelings that I had for him, the love that I had for him was so real that it's gonna take like a long time for me to fully move on from that.”

Hopefully she'll be able to move on sooner than she thinks.. it's all getting pretty toxic now.

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