SPOILERS: Chandlar Finds Out What Happened Between Nicole & Her Baby Daddy On 'Young Moms Club'


The tea is PIPING HOT on this week's episode of Teen Mom: Young Moms Club. 

Chandlar organises to meet up with her baby daddy Aaron and fellow young mum, Nicole to find out what *really* happened between them.

Aaron kicks off as soon as Nicole walks in the door, and asks her "why are you here? I thought this was supposed to be between us."

Chandlar explains that she invited Nicole because she needs to know "what was going on" between her and Aaron. 

Check out their huge fight in the sneak peek clips below:

While Nicole denies having anything to do with the troubled father, Aaron claimed that one drunken night when Chandlar passed out, Nicole asked him "if Chandlar would get angry if we had sex."

"You could be the last man on Earth and I'd rather be celibate than be with you," Nicole claps back.

The argument escalates, with Aaron calling Nicole a "slut" and Nicole calling Aaron a "deadbeat father." Nicole asks Chandlar why she's letting her baby daddy talk to her in such an aggressive manner, but Chandlar explains she just wants to know what happened. 

Will Chandlar and Nicole ever see eye to eye?

Find out with all new episodes of Teen Mom: Young Moms Club on Sundays at 5:55pm, only on MTV! 

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