Azealia Banks Utterly Blasts Kim Kardashian Over Her Taylor Swift Feud, Says Kim Is 'No Beyonce'

This is SAVAGE.

Don’t let anything as major as, you know, a global pandemic get in the way of some petty drama. That’s what the celebs reckon anyway, after yet another star has come out and slammed Kim Kardashian for her shady comments about Taylor Swift yesterday.

For a rull rundown of the latest drama between Taylor Swift, Kim Kardashian, Kanye West and that leaked phone call, please head here; we are too breathless to write it all up again. For the rest of you who are currently across the situation, please sit back and enjoy the latest development (god knows we could use the distraction), courtesy of Azealia Banks.

Musician Azealia Banks had some ~thoughts~ after reading Kim's Twitter posts yesterday and decided to share those thoughts with,

Azealia Banks slams Kim Kardashian for getting involved in Taylor Swift’s feud with Kanye:

“Instead of suggesting he behave like a Father you suggested it was okay to pretty much sexually harass her. What if some weird older man was doing that to North or Chicago? Youd be livid”

March 25, 2020stubborn little queeftouch

Without further ado, we give you: the most savage lines from Azealia Banks’ rant... 

“You are just jealous that you don’t have any actual talents and NEED to attach yourself to kanye and taylor for relevance,” Banks began. “he’s a 40+ black man who has been chastising some random white girl since she was 19. You as a Mother, a wife and a *beauty mogul* should have suggested he be the bigger person and not even keep bothering her.”

“Both Kanye and Taylor have music that will survive them in the afterlife. YOU have not made any eternal contributions to the world. 100 years from now Skims, kkwbeauty and that reality show will disappear from humanity’s memory. You’re trying hard to stay attached to a history you will most certainly never be a part of. You’re gorgeous but no Marilyn Monroe, no Elizabeth Taylor, no Beyonce.”

FUARK that’s so heavy. Read her full rant in the Twitter post above. Who knows where this Kanye-Taylor-Kim-Todrick-Azaelia drama will take us next but, at this point, we’re kinda down for the petty distraction.

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